Character Creation

Make 4 Level 1 Characters. They must each fill the traditional roles of “Tank”, “Dps”, “Healer” and “Support”. You can play hybrids of these two roles but must still have one of each role.

NO Psionics and NO Dragon Herald, Dragon Shaman, Dragon Hunter, Dragon Drinker, or Dragon bloodline,

Rules for Paladins: Paladin and Antipaladin can be picked and your alignment must be the following to be either class and it must be within one step of your god’s alignment.

Paladin Alignments: LG, LN, CG, NG
Antipaladin Alignments: CE, CN, LE, NE

All characters in your party must also be close friends, family or adventuring allies.

IMPORTANT: All characters will be given one unique item or feature decided by the DM. The player can ask for a different item or feature if it doesn’t fit their character concept.

Character creation uses 25 point buy.

Do not roll starting gold. Pick any armor from the core rulebook EXCEPT Full plate and Half-plate. Can also pick any shield if can be used. No Masterwork

Pick 1 weapon if not dual wielding. Pick 2 if dual wielding, No Masterwork

Casters speak to me about starting equipment.

Characters can have most basic gear within reason.


Gharra Chaoswarp